The Cattle

Devon cattle started here in the U.S. early. A shipment of red cattle brought from England in 1623 was likely what we now call the Devon breed. Devon’s have advantages in today’s agricultural industry which can put you ahead of the competition. The docile nature of Devon’s can lead to higher weight gains and fewer problems from stress. Being inherently fertile and generally moderate in size, Devon’s require little or no outside supplementation, when managed properly.

Devon's are known for having small vigorous calves, which produce some of the finest and highest grade beef (excelling in forage based systems hence the motto: Supreme Beef on Grass). Devon can handle some of the most extreme climates from sweltering Texas summers to frigid Montana winters.At Vista Knoll Farm Devon cattle are grass fed on Bermuda grass, legumes and native pastures. They are raised without chemicals such as steroids, antibiotics or hormones.

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